2 oz Attraction Pheromone perfume oil natural, Multi-Functional

pheromone is a chemical substance that is usually produced by the human body and serves especially as a stimulus to other individuals of the same species for one or more behavioral responses, mostly attraction of sexual sense . 

Attraction is fomulate to attract individuals to you with a very strong scent but fresh  , its natuarly an oil base that you use during intimate time to give your partner a one of a kind massage , to enlight your night with excitement . It  also  a body oil warn as perfume/ colongne  or everyday uses  , mutifunctional a must have in your pleasureble closet ... 

Seriously! This stuff is so powerful just ONE dab will have an immediate effect! 

DIRECTIONS: a little goes a long way ! Use our pheromones just as you would any body oil , most importantly a massege oil. This product contains a powerful agent in an  natural essential oil base.


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