First Royal Luxs product remains the most popular

First Royal Luxs product remains the most popular

One of the most popular products from Royal Luxs LLC is Gres Cacao, a proprietary blend of four oils that has been popular in Haiti for more than 200 years for male enhancement.

Users report seeing longer penises with more girth, and a visit to the Royal Luxs website shows that every hour or so, a new jar is sold.

It was the first product that Mikerlenda Pongnon released.

“I am naturally blessed by God in knowing herbs and what works for what. I realized this was something I wanted to do when I first put out Gres Cacao and the reviews and feedback were so positive and clients were calling, emailing, sending DMs, thanking me for changing their lives, for boosting back their confidence, because they have grown and they no longer ashamed. That's when I said yes, this is my calling … this was bigger than me.”

It started a bit of a revolution

“We were the first company that made Gres Cacao go viral, because of the potency and effectiveness of our products. We have inspired many other companies to start their own businesses in this niche,” says Pongnon.

That’s not to say, of course, that other Gres Cacao products (the base is cocoa oil, which adds necessary moisture) are as effective as the once produced by Royal Luxs.

According to Pongnon, Gres Cacao is a 200-year-old secret known to Haitian, African and West Indian men who pass it down from generation to generation. Pongnon’s formula features four oils from Africa and Haiti, and results are expected to show themselves within three to four weeks. It is considered the best penile growth product in the world.

The Queen knows

Pongnon, known as the Queen to her customers, realizes that there are plenty of skeptics regarding the actual ability of a product to boost penile growth.

But the naysayers out there bother her not one bit.

“Our products work and they work well,” she says. “We provide you with the best, and although many say there are studies that your body parts can't grow, we have proven that it can with the right ingredients and the right products. [We have more than] 20,000 satisfied clients.”

More products for masculine health

In addition to the top-selling Gres Cacao, Royal Luxs offers Bwa Anaconda, and Gres Koulev Mandingo Miracle Oil, a Haitian male enhancement remedy with a name that speaks for itself. The product is designed for use with a penis pump, which Queen Pongnon also offers through her online store.

Royal Luxs also offers products to improve erectile dysfunction and boost libido, Yohimbe as an aphrodisiac, Tongkat Ali root powder to boost testosterone levels naturally, and many others.

The satisfaction of her customers of what brings Pongnon the most joy.

“My favorite part of my profession is making people smile, because they use a Royal Luxs product that works for them. Just hearing a ‘thank you, Ms. Mickey,’ or ‘thank you, Queen,’ is everything.”


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