VJJ Tightening Gel

Product Description: The vagina rejuvenation gel is a very effective remedy for vaginal dryness, irregular lubrication, excessive lubrication, excessive discharge and wetness and other related problems faced by women. tightens vagina naturally and provides a natural lubrication. For the first time using, you can feel cool and comfortable, fresh and pleasant, vagina has a sense of tightening. Vagina toxin looked like bean curd was discharged from the vagina no itching and no odour. wall of the vagina has a sense of tightening and creeping, You will feel relax and comfortable wall of the vagina has a sense of tightening and creeping. There is a clear sense of tightening in the vagina, sensitivity enhanced and leucorrhoea is normal. Improved the loosen vagina, recover vagina elasticity, improved sex desire, can feel strong tightening during sex, orgasm increased significantly. Strengthen maintain, vagina feel watery remain a virgin tight and elasticity female are free to control the pace of sex life, Increase intimate between a couple.

Main Ingredients: 
Kuh-seng,Stemona,Fructus cnidii,Poria cocos,Carthamus tinctorious,Aloes,Borneol,Propolis,Motherwort.

1.One tube per night,for 18 consecutive days for a course of treatment.
2.After the insertion of gel DO NOT have sexual intercourse. If you choose to have sexual intercourse you must use the gel either 1 hour before sex or 1 hour after sex.
3.Vagina Rejuvenation Gel can be used on a daily basis.

Directions for use:
1)Clean the vulva before bedtime,lying down and raise the hip.
2)Remove the protective cap of applicator and gently insert the pre-filled applicator into the vagina at least 7cm deep.
3)Squeeze the plunger until the gel is delivered.
4)Take out the applicator out of vagina.
5)Keep hips raise 5-10 minutes to give the gel time to be absorbed.

Primary Benefits: 
•Tightening vagina naturally
•Eradicate vaginal dryness problem
•Contract and reshape the vaginal walls
•Dispel abnormal odour
•Kill bacterial and remove inflammation of vagina
•Restore the suppleness
•Improve natural lubrication of vagina
•Dispel unpleasant odor of vagina
•Reduce excessive mucus
•Release estrogen and stimulate female vagina
•Give more pleasure and comfort for sexual life
•Other women sexual problems and fertility issues

Shrink and Clean Vagina:  Promoting Blood Circulation and cell regeneration, vaginal elastic fibres and  wrinkled walls perpendicular back to their normal state, stimulate the vaginal  muscle layers and release neural information, improving the activity of the  muscle cells, which can improve the situation of the pubic relaxation, increased  flexibility, recover holding force has a good effect on the frigid caused  vaginal relaxation, and lower sensitivity.

Anti-Poison,  Anti-Inflammation: Contains antibacterial natural pigment, the use of  advanced technology, greatly improves the antibacterial effect and unique bio  adhesive slow - release technology, make the retention time in the vagina longer  to cause bacterial virginities, senile and mixed, and a variety of bacteria  problem with an obvious action.

Ovarian Maintenance:  Directly to the bottom of the uterus so that its rapid expansion, within the  entire uterus form a protective film, high permeability and high  bioavailability, quickly into the blood and muscle tissue, accelerate blood and  lymph circulation, promoting the secretion of ovarian hormones to regulate  female secretion system, to achieve a state of balance. 

Uterine Care:  Targeted Killing of bacteria within the womb, to clear the bacteria and may not  funk properly during the menstruation period supplementary item and repair the  uterine mucosa aging and care, stimulate the inner wall of the uterus cell  regeneration, enhance the uterine wall elasticity, activate the immune system of  uterus, so that a woman's womb to restore young State.

Detoxification and Beauty: Rich in natural pigment plants, to eliminate  genital mutilation in the accumulation of inflammatory exudates and toxins,  restore vaginal self -cleaning self-purification ability, to reduce various  gynaecological problems.     


Internal installed in vagina, do not take it orally.
The prohibition of use for menstrual period,pregnant,and lactation women.
Should put it in children is not easy to get a place.


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