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Sea Moss Bladder Wrack Bitter

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It is a super-food, which contains 92 of the 102 trace minerals, as well as vitamins and other essential for optimal health!



Bitter Gourd, Cinnamon, Curry Leaves, Jasmine, Amla Gooseberry, Fungreek, Garlic, Aboche Bark, Acai, Bois Babde Root, Bois Babde Bark, Cerasee, Chickory, Cayenne Pepper, Flax Seed, Garlic, Golden Baey, Coriander, Oregano, Maca, Sea Moss, Ne Mathias, Aloe Vera, Mango Leaves, Black Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Ginger, Turnips, Celery, Honey, Sesame Seeds, Tamarind, Spearmint Leaves, Pomegranate Seeds.