Impossible? Not for the growth Queen of Royal Luxs LLC

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Impossible? Not for the growth Queen of Royal Luxs LLC

Mikerlenda Pongnon of Royal Luxs LLC doesn’t really like the word impossible.

If something, including science (which changes as we learn new information, anyway), suggests a goal is impossible, Pongnon will find a way. She’s tough like that.

Her support system, including her family and her Royal Luxs customers, have supported her every step of the way.

“No matter what, my family and clients, the Royal Luxs Family, are always there,” Pongnon said. “They encourage me to continue to make great products that work, products that science says is impossible.”

The testimonials are everything

Pongnon, known by favorite clients as “the growth Queen” for her male and female enhancement products, just part of her expanding line, finds the greatest pleasure in feedback from satisfied clients.

Then, she knows her work as an herbalist was the right choice for her, despite having amassed many different degrees in order to continue learning and growing.

“Our products work and they work well,” she said. “We provide you with the best, although many say there are studies that your body parts can't grow, we have proven that they can with the right ingredients and the right products.”

Ancestors, and nature, have held the answers all along, and that brings Pongnon extreme joy.

“Making my clients happy, watching them turning from skeptics to believers, hearing their testimonies of how I save them and their relationships just because they use our products,” she said, is the best part of owning her Virginia-based business.

“It's my calling,” she added. “God placed this gift in me to help people. I was born to help and build.”

Products tackle many problems

Pongnon’s best-selling product is the male enhancement cream Gres Cacao, a cocoa butter-based cream with other proprietary herbal ingredients that could show results in as little as 15 days. 

According to the Q&A section on the Royal Luxs website, Gres Cacao “has a 99 percent success rate (the other one percent is due to lack of consistency and now following directions). We have never had a customer complain that the product does not work. The worst complaint we get (although uncommon) from a few people is that the product took longer than they expected.”

Other small businesses also benefit

Pongnon probably keeps her proprietary blends a secret, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to help other businesses focused on enhancement products also benefit from her expertise.

“We also wholesale our products to other small businesses who like to grow in this niche,” she said.

Of course, that expands her own personal exposure, but it also helps other businesses sell effective products to their own satisfied customers.

It’s a win-win for all involved, and it helps Pongnon expand her enhancement empire.

For more information on the vast product line at Royal Luxs, including detox products, skin and hair care, and enhancement products for both men and women, visit the company website by clicking here.

There is a customer service rep available online to answer any questions you might have.

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  • Max

    The worst customer service I have ever received from this company. I spent over 380 dollars on these people and received a damaged package. I got upset and contacted them. I received a bad attitude from the customer service rep. No consideration from the customer, no refund, and no follow up. Please don’t waste my our time with these amateurs. Your are better off ordering most of these things from Lakay Remedies or Amazon!

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