Higher education called but Pongnon changed directions


Higher education called but Pongnon changed directions

Mikerlenda Pongnon is a computer engineer with a handful of other degrees under her belt.

“I love school, and take education and gaining knowledge seriously,” she says. “I love acquiring knowledge because no one knows everything. I also believe and know that science doesn't know everything.”

That’s why she turned to herbal remedies for conditions that most scientists would say are impossible to cure.

“It’s my calling,” she said. “God placed this gift in me to help people. I was born to help and build.”

Impossible? Not for Pongnon

And that, she has done.

Pongnon, known as the growth Queen by her adoring clients, knows more about herbal remedies than most experts, and she has put together a website shop packed with herbal-based items that can help improve people’s lives in numerous ways.

And while her education gives her much satisfaction, her role as the growth Queen made her realize she had chosen the right path.

For her, “the positive feedback, the reviews, the referrals from clients” are all testaments to her continued success, and the joy she gets from helping people with their most intimate problems. “The love I was getting from my clients, we became a family. The call or DM me for advice about everything, I realize my importance and the importance of my company.”

Compliments ensure she’s doing things right

Royal Luxs focuses on male and female enhancement, skin care and hair growth, with a wide variety of different products for each specific concern.

They import the best products to better ensure customer satisfaction.

“We are a small business that believes that herbs heal everything and that's why we go out of our way to import all our organic products or ingredients from Africa, Caribbean and Latin America, to ensure that our products remain chemical free, GMO free, Paraben free,” she said. “We are a 100 percent natural products company.”

Chemicals can be dangerous

It takes four seconds for toxins from products that are not natural to absorb into the skin – and then the bloodstream – making the Royal Luxs lines smart purchases for good health.

Reading the labels on most products – for example, one popular hair growth product contains Minoxidil, a vasodilator that was previously used to treat ulcers and high blood pressure – can help you prevent taking in extra toxins. (The outdoors has plenty thanks to pollution.) That product does stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which might improve hair growth, but the previous uses for the ingredient make it questionable.

Pongnon, on the other hand, uses all-natural ingredients that also encourage more oxygen – and blood flow – to the scalp, including nutrient-dense beeswax, soybean oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, black castor seed oil and vitamin E.

Her blends have helped turn skeptics into longtime customers, which makes her especially passionate about switching gears to become and herbalist.

“Making my clients happy, watching them turning from skeptics to believers, hearing their testimonies of how I saved them and their relationships just because they use our products,” that is what fulfills Pongnon.

For more information on the many natural products available through Royal Luxs, visit the website at www.royalluxsllc.com.


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