Sex is emotional fuel; Royal Luxs helps you thrive

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Sex is emotional fuel; Royal Luxs helps you thrive


If you ask most people what they want more of in their lives, the answer is inevitably more sex.

“I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world,” said A-list actress Angelina Jolie, who probably has a difficult time fitting in a quickie with a houseful of kids, let alone a parade of every adult on the globe.

But’s she is in the majority, for sure (aside from hoping to have a go with everyone of age on the planet).

Lovemaking is one of the most important – but hardly the only – way to develop intimacy between partners, and it is a core part of romantic relationships.

“Couples who schedule time to connect with each other have healthier, happier relationships,” says Chris Kraft, Ph.D.

Insecurities can derail great sex

But here’s the thing. People are often insecure by nature, and things like penis size, breast size, endurance and body size can derail even the best sex, because the brain takes over, causing you to worry if you’re enough to satisfy your partner.

To be honest, in almost all cases, you are, but that doesn’t mean a little helping hand isn’t necessary, if only to help you develop the confidence to be your best self in bed.

What can Royal Luxs do for me?

Royal Luxs has been around for a decade, but the ingredients they use – the highest quality available, which is why they have such a stellar reputation – have centuries of history, and have been used in virtually every nation to help people feel their best about their sex lives.

The company’s products aimed at men include:

  • Gres Cacao Haitian Growth Ointment. The company’s top seller – a jar leaves the warehouse almost every 15 minutes – this proprietary blend including cocoa butter, which melts when it comes into contact with skin, is the first viral version of Gres Cacao. When other companies saw how popular it was, they followed suit, but none have the same formula as the Royal Luxs version.
  • Bwa Anaconda Oil. This amazing product is one of our most popular enhancements products and for those in a hurry to see results, it works faster. The ingredients are imported from Africa, which helps develop the penile muscles and tissue cells at top speed.
  • Gres Koulev Mandingo Miracle Oil. Made with ingredients from Haiti, according to the Royal Luxs website, it is “the most powerful male enhancement product in the world.”
  • Horny Goat Weed. This powder is to be taken with juices, and it has been believed to boost libido and endurance.
  • Tongkat Ali. This Malaysian herb is harvested from a slow-growing tree, and when consumed, helps release natural testosterone into the bloodstream by as much as 65 percent. That extra testosterone helps boost libido and sex drive.
  • All Night Long Kit. This mix of herbal remedies is aimed at erectile dysfunction, but it also improves testosterone levels, libido, sperm count and fertility and includes items to boost stamina, and muscle strength.
  • Penis pumps and erection rings. Both of these can help men with erectile dysfunction sustain longer, harder erections, especially in combination with the other products in the Royal Luxs family.

“Being that we are known for our enhancements products, clients depend on us for endurance, libido, stamina products, and to entice their sex life,” says the shop’s owner, Mikerlenda Pongnon. “We got them all.”

For more information or to place an order, visit the Royal Luxs website here.

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