Tónico Natural para Hombres 16 oz.

¡Mejora y limpieza masculina natural! Aumenta el flujo sanguíneo para una mejor función sexual en los hombres y ayuda a otras condiciones de los hombres. 16 onzas. Ingredientes: calabaza amarga, canela, hojas de curry, jamun, grosella espinosa amal, semilla negra, miel, ginseng, helecho griego, ajo, corteza de abochie, acia, raíz de bois babde, corteza de bois bande, cera, achicoria, pimienta de cayena, linaza, , uchuva, cilantro, orégano, maca, musgo de mar, ne matias, aloe vera, hojas de mango, semillas de hinojo, nabos, apio, semillas de sésamo, tamarindo, menta verde, semillas de granada, blackwesa, nketekete, hojas de aziza, chun chen, kenkele un poco de hojas.

Customer Reviews

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Marcellin Ufitikirezi
Natural Men Tonic

After a day or two I started feeling the change!! I highly recommend to anyone.

Thank you for your review!

Teon Taylor

Natural Men Tonic 16 oz.

Regginald Ward II
So powerful!

I didn’t know what to expect taking this but it has been life changing. I haven’t had to drink caffeine because of the overall energy I have. Beware, you have to learn to ground this energy bc it can be overwhelming. I recommend all men hop on this. It’s gonna be apart of my regime for sure. Also, women can feel this energy! I feel stronger and powerful in the gym too!

Stephane Laroche Jr
So far so good!

Taste nasty, but very much affective. Definitely cleans you out and keeps you focused mentally and physically. I love the tonic and will use on a regular basis. After a while you'll get use to the bitter taste. It's always the nasty remedies that's good for you internally and externally!

Osagie O.
I really don’t know the

I really don’t know the effects it had but to be able to consume natural ingredients was good. I guess!


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