Skip plastic surgery and still get the sexy body of your dreams by using Gro Dada

Skip plastic surgery and still get the sexy body of your dreams

Brazilian butt lifts are more popular than ever, and in 2014, plastic surgeons performed almost 25,000 of the procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

As for breast augmentations, while COVID-19 slowed things down, in 2019, before the pandemic, the surgeons’ group said more than 300,000 women had breast augmentations, most of the silicone implants. Many women have gotten highly ill due to leaking implants, which sends silicone traveling wherever the body takes it.

IF you’re thinking about either, just don’t let Mikerlenda Pongnon catch you.

The owner and founder of Royal Luxs LLC (known as the growth Queen to her favorite customers), a male and female enhancement company – a rarity among such companies since most companies focus solely on men – has been selling all-natural products designed to provide a butt and breast boost, without surgery for a decade.

Her many herbal products for women “have been changing lives for years,” she says.

Why natural is better

Breast reduction is currently a more popular procedure than breast augmentation, and for many, the discomfort and side effects of silicone implants are causing the trend.

Gro Dada and other Royal Luxs products for women use a collection of estrogen-boosting herbs to target hips, thighs, buttocks, and breasts, giving women the curves they are looking for when they start searching for a plastic surgeon.

Her favorite part of being a successful herbalist with clients worldwide is “making people smile, because they use a Royal Luxs product that works for them, [such as] a woman gaining some curves,” Pongnon said.

A vast collection of curve inducers

The Gro Dada Kit includes powders, creams, and oils, all herbal-based, to help provide the best possible results.

Purchased separately, products include:

• Gro Dada Butt Enlargement Cream. Not only does this cream keep your backside smooth and soft, but it also features a blend of African and Haitian herbs that boost estrogen, targeting your bottom with regular use.

• Gro Dada Health Protein Supplement. This product helps boost testosterone, among many other beneficial things, and by doing so, helps increase the size of hips, butts, and breasts without harmful silicone.

• Gro Dada Hips, Breast, and Butt Oil. This proprietary blend has a long history, especially in Africa. “African women widely use this oil to help grow the butt and hip, making it much sexier and attractive. It can also be used for breast enlargement. Get visible results within four weeks of consistent usage,” according to the Royal Luxs website.

• Gro Tete. This treatment is made up of estrogen-boosting herbs that help build muscle, improve skin cell and tissue regeneration, and is especially helpful along with exercise.

Says Pongnon, “Get those curves you have always dreamed of. [But] be patient. You will get the results with consistent use.”
If you’re looking for natural curves that don’t require surgery, Royal Luxs has what you need.
Visit the Queen’s website by clicking here.

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