Lusciousness Drip Honey (Kayanmata)Goron Tula


Lusciousness Drip Honey (Kayanmata)

What does it do?

It Increase libido.

helps with veejay odor and tightens up the VJJ.

Increases lubrication in women

Helps women reach orgasms

It boosts fertility

Boost sperm count

Fixes irregular Menstrual cycle

Helps men with premature ejaculation and weak erections

Helps with vaginal dryness (women rave increased lubrication, arousal and orgasms without the need to use chemical lubricants or supplements)

-Excellent for postmenopausal women


Other health Benefits of this amazing fruit!

Helps relieve asthma, cough, and malaria

Helps lower blood sugar for people with diabetes Ease digestion

It helps eyesight

Improve immune system

Help with chest pain

Research has also shown that it helps with ulcer

Help with weight loss

Helps prevent liver problems


85% Gorontula fruit extract and 15% other herbal libido and pompom juice booster. Also helps with itchiness and bad odor down there

How to uses it?

This should be taken as an everyday supplement especially if you are sexually active. It is 100% herbs + fruits and can be taken as many times per day as possible.
Best results when consumed 3 times a day and 2hrs before sex.


85% Gorontula fruit extract 15% other herbal libido and Vagina juice booster.

Goron Tula (Hausa) is a miracle fruit that is sometimes called African chewing gum.

It has been used to treat infertility, cleansing and tightening of the vagina.

 Honey also called Zumar Mata in the native of Hausa language in Nigeria is a natural syrup made with dry fruits, herbs and organic honey for Yoni wetness. It is one of the staples of Kayanmata

The fruit is a genus of 13 flowering shrubs of the Hibiscus family and it is also known as Thespesia, Silky Kola or Azanza Garckeana.


For your convenience makes Gorontula fruit into honey so it can easily be added to oatmeal, cream of wheat, milk, tea, smoothies, yogurt, porridge or any cereal.

• For excitement take 1-2 tablespoon 2-3 hours before

• For health take every day as you wish until the desired results

• For fertility, take daily as desired until desired results (men are advised to drink a glass of milk with consumption to stimulate sperm)


-Helps increase sperm thickness which can increase male fertility (drink a glass of milk after consumption)


Our information on the use of these herbs should never replace the care of a medical doctor. We are not medical professionals and are not claiming to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are providing information for educational purposes only, based on common and publicly accessible historical information on the herb. You must be 18-years or older to purchase any herb from our store. We recommend that you educate yourself about the use of these herbs before purchasing it.


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