The best of the best

The best of the best

Royal Luxs LLC has spent the last decade working to ensure the health and wellness of the company’s customers, both inside and out.

“Our mission from day one has always been to make both men and women feel and look great by enhancing themselves naturally,” owner Mikerlenda Pongnon (also known as the growth Queen) said. We believe strongly in Mother Nature and trust that God blessed us with everything we need right here on earth.”

A computer programmer with many other degrees, Pongnon chose to use her knowledge as an herbalist to build her empire, and her project has been a resounding success.

What does Royal Luxs offer?

There are myriad products available at Pongnon’s Virginia-based shop, including male and female enhancement products, hair care, skin care, and more.

But there are some that simply rise above the rest due to the nutrient-dense composition.

Here are some favorites:

  • Starter kit which includes Gres Cacao and Gres Koulev. Royal Luxs best-selling product, this cocoa oil-based formula also features three proprietary ingredients that help men improve their penis size. With proper use, it is effective, and it has a 99 percent satisfaction rate.
  • BWA Anaconda Oil. The name says it all. This oil from Africa helps increase muscle mass as well as tissue and cell growth, for a more manly manhood. It works by stimulating testosterone production. All night long kit. Is the perfect kit for anyone with erectile dysfunction hand pick by Mikerlenda for the best libido, endurance to last you all night. 
  • Sea Moss. More commonly known as Irish moss, sea moss offers numerous benefits, including soothing the digestive tract and helping to support a healthy thyroid. It is packed with potassium and has natural antiviral and antimicrobial properties that help the body fight off infection.
  • Chella hair growth oil. This Haitian blend of oils are designed to help natural hair grow, whether you have bald spots, alopecia or are losing your edges. The nutrient-dense oil penetrates deep beneath the scalp, encouraging hair follicles to begin producing hair. It also has Omega 3, 6 and 9, which strengthen your new hair, preventing breakage.
  • Black seed oil. This is a go-to for many different concerns, and it should have a place in every medicine cabinet. Studies have shown that black seed oil may help reduce blood glucose, ease symptoms of psoriasis and eczema, and improve acne. According to Healthline, based on a 2019 study appearing in the journal Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, black seed oil can help ease headache pain, back pain, high blood pressure, inflammation, and infection. Black seed oil also contains thymoquinone, which has been studied for its ability to stimulate tissue growth and promote wound healing.
  • Deer velvet antler powder. This superfood is loaded with 400 active ingredients to help speed recovery after a workout, build muscle, boost bone strength, improve energy, speed the repair of injuries and elevate estrogen levels, which improves many unpleasant symptoms for women associated with hormonal changes and aging.
  • Moringa powder. Packed with nutrients, moringa is one of the best plant-based supplements to add to your regimen. Not only does it contain 25 percent plant protein and all nine essential amino acids (making it ideal for taking before hitting the gym), it also has almost 25 percent of your daily fiber, is packed with antioxidants and is a good source of iron, vitamins A, E and K as well as calcium. 
  • Women’s Wellness. Back in the day, women took tonics to help ward off the vapors, which was likely a combination of stress and overwhelming heat. Royal Luxs offers a women’s tonic that provides myriad benefits, including boosting libido, encouraging weight loss, addressing symptoms of menopause and PMS, elevating muscle mass, improving memory, improving mood, reducing stress and irritability, and fighting free radicals. If only Victorian women had had this multipurpose product to ease their angst.

“We believe strongly in Mother Nature and trust that God blessed us with everything we need right here on earth. So, herbs are very important, which why we provide our clients with a wide variety,” Pongnon said.

For more information, visit  the website here.

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